Brewery Feature: Blue Point Brewing Company | Savannah Craft Brew Fest


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Brewery Feature: Blue Point Brewing Company




 We are excited to welcome Blue Point Brewing Company as an Official Sponsor of the 8th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Fest! 

Want to learn a little more about their brand...time for another brewery feature! 


Blue Point Brewing Company



You could say us Long Islanders are a different breed. But in reality, we’re just people who demand more than the status quo. Where we come from, people don’t take your word for it … until you prove you’re worth listening to. Because we work too hard to put up with any bullshit. Give it to us straight, be proud of what you do, and never apologize for something you believe in.

Which is why we’ve made beer that stands up to Long Islander standards. We know it’s good, they know it’s good, and if someone disagrees, that’s not our problem.

Yeah, we have humble beginnings. You won’t see us on every store shelf, but that’s the kind of brewery we’ve always been. Hell, our founders tapped Blue Point’s first keg in a parking lot. What it comes down to is that we know our drinkers. They know us. And as long as they agree that we’re making beers they want to drink, we’ll keep brewing on.  

Go ahead and prepare your tastebuds for all of the deliciousness you might find from them at the SCBF by checking out their full selection of brews HERE