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CAO Cigar Rolling Contest





CAO Cigars brings an exclusive cigar rolling competition to the 7th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Fest! 


Settle in the CAO Cigar Lounge for a unique cigar rolling experience. You'll have the opportunity to meet and ‘try your hand’ at cigar rolling from renowed Master Cigar Roller, Papa Leo.

Leo Peraza, a Cuban expatriate born and raised in a province of Havana, Cuba, is counted among the renowned rollers of the cigar industry. At the tender age of 14, Leo went to work for one of Cuba’s premier cigar factories where he quickly rose to the position of a “Tabaquero Tripa Larga A”—the highest possible grade of cigar roller. When he arrived in Miami in 1995 on a tourist visa, it wasn’t long before his talent landed him in a familiar place, the cigar rolling table. Today, Leo serves as a traveling ambassador demonstrating his cigar-rolling expertise at consumer events across the country.


There will be 3 sessions where ONLY 20 people can learn to roll from Papa Leo.


Session 1 will take place at 12:45PM and will only be available to VIP ticket holders

Session 2 will take place at 1:45PM and will be available to everyone

Session 3 will take place at 2:45PM and will be available to everyone


How do you become one of these 20 people, you ask? 

Trivia contests will be taking place from now until August 30th, be the first to answer the qustions correctly accompanied by #rollingwithCAOcigars and you're in! 10 winners will be chosen per question! 


Visit the Savannah Craft Brew Fest's Facebook page for the contest!