Samuel Adams: Brew University



Session 1 - (1:30PM) – “Unleash Your Inner Rebel”

  • Introduce what IPAs are and the history
  • Explain the three different types of Sam Adams Rebels
  • Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA with spicy pork (The familiar IPA characteristics of bitterness and bold character are a great match to stand up to richer, spicier foods like spicy pork)
  • Sam Adams Rebel Rouser with strong aged cheese like sharp cheddar (The bold, citrusy hop character will stand up to strong aged cheeses complementing their earthy sharpness)
  • Sam Adams Rebel IPA with carrot cake (the bright hop character helps it stand up to bold flavors and mellow out sweetness)


Session 2 – (2:30PM) – “Pop and Pour It”

What is nitro beer?

  • Featuring two unique Nitro beers: Sam Adams Nitro White Ale and Sam Adams Coffee Stout
  •  Pop & pour your own Nitro beer to see the cascade effect of the beer in the glass


`   Session 3 – (3:30PM) – History of Octoberfest

  • Introduction to Sam Adams Octoberfest
  • Food and beer pairing (Sam Adams Octoberfest with brats)
  • Stein Hoisting Competition