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World of Sam Adams - Brew University


Savannah Craft Brew Fest invites you to experience:

The World of Samuel Adams

         Experience 1:

         Latitude 48 Deconstructed


               Experience each hop profile and character and the culmination of brewing with all five hops in Latitude 48 IPA. Our Latitude 48 IPA recipe showcases 5 distinct hops; each grown around the 48th Latitude known as the “Hop Belt” This inspired us to try “deconstructing” the recipe to highlight the nuances of each hop’s contribution. Each single hop IPA uses the same recipe but features a single unique hop variety.

  •                .  HALLERTAU MITTELFRUEH IPA

  •                .  SIMCOE IPA

  •                .  ZEUS IPA

  •                .  EAST KENT GOLDINGS IPA

  •                .  MOSAIC IPA

  •                .  LATITUDE 48 IPA

  • Experience 2:

    Sam & Sweets


    Experience how Samuel Adams pairs well with different desserts! That’s right, beer can pair very nicely with desserts! We will pair 3 different desserts with 3 Samuel Adams beers and experience how each combination creates contrasts and harmonies!

  • .  Samuel Adams Rebel IPA- Carrot Cake

  • .  Samuel Adams Tetravis- Mixed fruit tart or white chocolate mousse with berries

  • .  Samuel Adams OctoberFest- Crème Brule

    Experience 3:

    OctoberFest Stein Hoisting Competition


    Experience some traditional German fun as participants compete to hold a stein filled with Samuel Adams OctoberFest the longest! Stein Hoisting is a competitive test of strength and endurance. There will be prizes for top contestants and participants. Come on over and cheer on our hoisting participants. We will be featuring Samuel Adams OctoberFest and give a brief history of this festive German celebration and how it came into existence.